Tackle Review: LiveTarget Baitball Crankbait

baitballSome lure companies just never cease to push the bounds of innovation. I’m referring specifically, in this case, to Koppers and their LiveTarget baits. What started as a basic series of incredibly lifelike crankbaits has evolved into realistic topwater frogs and more, including the subject of today’s Tackle Review: the Baitball crankbait.

Crankbaits have long been an angler—and fish—favorite on the water, especially when fish are actively feeding. Their design is simple—a sleek body with a bill that allows them to dive and wobble—but it has been tweaked here and there throughout the years. What Koppers has done, though, is change up the bait’s appeal by equipping the Baitball with a clear crankbait body with three separate internal baits that are designed to mimic a trio of baitfish. This appeals to fish when schools of baitfish hatch are the menu item of choice.

The bait also possesses a medium-sized bill and a slender body, which allows it dive quickly to the strike zone and stay there longer. It’s available in four different color patterns—pearl/grey, pearl/bronze, pearl/blue/chartreuse, and metallic/green. All are 2 ½ inches and weigh in at 5/8 ounce. Their bill allows them to dive to a maximum depth of 10 feet, as well, but they’re buoyant so you’ll need a steady retrieve to keep them there.

While the Baitball’s design is appealing when baitfish are schooling and fish are actively feeding, some anglers report that it’s too fragile and breaks easily. With a price tag of $14.99, one would expect the Baitball to be a little more durable than reported, especially with a name like Koppers attached to it. The bait is a new addition to the LiveTarget lineup, though, and fixing a few bugs is part of the process, so simple redesign with stronger materials shouldn’t be too hard.

With several reports of the Baitball breaking easily, Koppers’ latest product may not be one to pick up, at least not until the kinks can be straightened out. The company has a multitude of quality products to suit your needs, though, so don’t measure their lineup by one bait with a few bad experiences.