Lure Kits: One Stop Shopping

In a given body of water or during a specific time of the year, certain color patterns, sizes, and presentations seem to produce more fish than others. This is a simple fact of fishing. However, I think we can all agree that, while having a large supply of our favorite patterns is comforting, sometimes it pays to cover your bases and prepare for the very possible fact that you might need to try several different colors or styles before you find one that the fish want on a given day. This is why bait and lure kits are so valuable to anglers. There are several different types of kits available today, all of which offer great varieties and serve as an easy way to employ one stop shopping this season.

The first thing that comes to my mind when think of lure kits, is plastics. Retailers such as Bass Pro Shops offer large plastic storage boxes that come filled with a variety of plastic baits. Tube assortments, plastic swimbaits, and even an entire bass kit filled with worms, tubes, lizards, and nearly every other variant of popular bass bait, are not uncommon purchases. I, myself, have picked up a few of these kits and have had great luck with them on the water. The best time to grab such kits is right around the holidays or during big spring fishing sales, when discounts are best.

Hard bait kits have recently boomed in popularity, due largely in part to the success of legendary anglers such as Kevin Van Dam or Bill Dance. Popular kits include the Strike King Top-to-Bottom Sexy Shad Kit, which is comprised of several crankbaits, of varying depths, all of which possess the Sexy Shad color pattern. Heddonhas a kit made up of a handful of the company’s popular Spooks. You can also find Rapala, Bomber, and crappie crankbait kits at some retailers, as well as Roostertail inline spinner kits.

Lure kits also come in sets specifically designed for certain species. Road Runner panfish kits, as well as other kits designed for panfish, are readily available at nearly any retailer. Northland offers kits for bass, pike, and walleye, which contain an assortment of popular lures and baits for each designated species. Such kits are a great way to cover all your bases, especially if you’re still new to fishing and don’t want to spend a lot of money right off the bat.

Lure kits are a great way to get everything you need for a trip, or even the season, in one fell swoop. Sometimes it’s just easier to pick one up, rather than spend a lot of time standing in a worm or tube aisle, debating between two color patterns. This spring, if you find yourself in need of a bait overhaul, I highly recommend considering lure kits. Not only will they fill your tackle box at once, but they’re also so much cheaper than buying a dozen individual patterns separately.