Getaways: Bonefish Bay Motel

I’m sure there are more than a few anglers out there who will be looking for warmer waters this winter when the snow starts to fall, the lakes freeze, and the temperatures drop. Some made reservations months ago while others are still deciding where to go. If you’re planning on avoiding winter for a week, in favor of summer-like climates, but still have no idea where to go, keep reading to learn more about today’s Getaway, the Bonefish Bay Motel.

Located in the heart of the Florida Keys, in Marathon, Florida, the Bonefish Bay Motel is the ideal location for any angler looking for a warm fishing trip (temperature there is 73-degrees as I’m writing this) and a chance to reel in some of the most highly-sought species that the Keys have to offer.

The Motel offers its guests a wide variety of room options, ranging from hotel-like guest rooms with single or double beds, to fully-equipped two-bedroom apartments. Each unit includes television, air conditioning, access to the boat ramp and dock, and an outdoor grill. Bonefish Bay is also pet friendly and offers a clean swimming pool, as well.

Bonefish Bay is home to Mark’s Charters, an excellent charter service headed by Captain Mark. Outings with Capt. Mark include everything except personal food and drinks, so guests can book a trip without worry and really without the need to bring or buy any tackle, though the Motel is home to a great bait shop and even offers a variety of fresh bait. Fishing packages can be personalized to target specific fish found in the area and guests of the hotel receive a 10% discount when they book Capt. Mark.

Marathon is home to several great restaurants and activities to enjoy when you’re not on the water, including the Abyss Dive Center, where visitors can rent equipment and book dive trips to any of the area’s reefs or historic shipwrecks.

Florida Keys fishing and Florida Keys weather are popular aspirations for anglers when the weather becomes colder. If you’ve been going back and forth between a few potential destinations for your Getaway this season, end the decision-making process and go with Bonefish Bay. You may have to return to wintery conditions, but for a week, you’ll have nothing to think about but warm weather and fishing, so why wait?

For more information on Bonefish Bay Motel, including rates and reservations, visit, or contact the Motel directly at 800 336 0565.