Add a Little Glow for More Strikes

When the water clarity reduces to nearly zero and your bright lures just aren’t producing, it can be difficult to find a tactic that will trigger strikes. For this reason, a few lure companies have created lures with internal lights to attract fish, which can be effective. However, if you don’t to spend your entire fishing budget on one lighted lure, you can employ an alternative: glow in the dark paint.

A huge attention-getter for fish is light. Whether it’s the color of the lure itself or the flash of spinner attached, light triggers a reflex in the fish that makes them strike. Glow in the dark paint is a great way to accomplish this task, and the paint and powder can be purchased from many major tackle retailers, or on the internet.

You can use glow in the dark paint a few ways to add glow, depending on the type of lure. If you are going to paint your hard plastic lures, mix one ounce of glow in the dark powder to three ounces of clear paint, then simply spray the lures with an air brush. To reduce clotting, be sure to stir the paint often and use the widest #5 air brush needle you have. Also, make sure to clean the air brush thoroughly after each use.

There are some anglers who—whether for fun or for money—make their own plastic lures. If making glow in the dark plastics is your goal, you can use any soft worm plastic and mix the glow powder into it while it is melted. Then stir and pour. Let it cool slightly and stir just before pouring. If you want to add color, add it just before the powder, but use color lightly so that the glow comes through.

Aside from helping add a little more enticing flash to your lures, glow in the dark paint can also be used with some of your other tackle for practical purposes. For example, some anglers use it to paint the tips of their fishing rods, which can be a big help when night fishing. You can also paint floats and bobbers to add a more noticeable glow.

Not only will glow in the dark paint help draw attention to your lures when the water is dark, but developing it as a hobby can make you a little extra money on the side. How’s that for a glowing recommendation? Bad puns aside, as effective as fishing lures are, there are times when they need a little bit of help. Glow in the dark paint can accomplish this task in spades.