Field and Stream Tackle Bag Systems

With a solid presence in the outdoor community, Field and Stream magazine has been a great source of information, tips, and recommendations for years. It seems only natural that the company branched off to make quality products, such as fishing, camping, and hunting gear, which are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Today, we’ll take a closer look at a line of fishing tackle bags offered by the company. Keep reading to learn more about Field and Stream’s 350 and 370 tackle bags, as well as its 370 sling.

I’m a big fan of storage, especially when it comes to my fishing tackle. While I have a huge tackle bag, equipped with eight 370 size storage boxes, I also like to have smaller bags in which to store one or two boxes for a day on the lake. The Field & Stream 350 tackle bag ($19.99) is a great way to do this. The bag is more than capable of holding your baits, terminal tackle, tools and accessories for a day on the water. The 350 bag comes with two front storage pouches, two 370 storage boxes, an accessory pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, and a durable bottom panel to keep your gear safe. The bag can also hold up to four 350 size storage boxes.

Field and Stream’s 370 tackle bag ($39.99) is a step up from the 350. It includes three 370 size storage boxes, but can also fit up to five storage boxes. The bag has a front accessory pocket that fits a 350 size utility box, as well as side, top and back pockets for added storage. Also, it’s equipped with a durable top handle and shoulder strap, which make transporting this bag easy and comfortable.

The 370 sling is comprised of a design that most anglers aren’t used to. The bag offers a single, over the shoulder strap and is smaller in size, which makes it ideal for casual trips. The sling includes one 370 size utility box, but can also hold a variety of different utility boxes, as well. The molded front pocket of the 370 sling pack can carry a 350 size storage box, and can also serve as a work station. Additional features include a molded sunglasses case, a plier holder on the shoulder strap, and padding with breathable mesh.

If you’ve been looking for new storage solutions for your tackle, head to your nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods to consider Field and Stream’s 350 and 370 bags, as well as the 370 sling pack. These tackle systems were created with comfort and practicality in mind, and they do a great job of accomplishing both tasks.