Tested and Tried: Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack

The Badlands 2200 cubic inch hunting pack has set a high standard for the do-it-all backpack of the modern hunter. Various features and structural designs of the pack have been incorporated to give the hunter every advantage when dealing with loads ranging from light to well past overloaded.


The Badlands 2200 utilized adjustable backpack straps with a heavy duty padded waist belt. These features will alter the way the load, held rigid by an internal frame, will be distributed on your body. When packing, a waist belt is essential to the comfort and maneuverability of the user. Most of the weight of the pack should be on the hunters hips, which is why the very thick padded design of the pack’s waist belt is so essential.

On a multi-day trip, I have been able to remain comfortable when hauling the pack full of equipment due to the rigidity and thick cushions of the belt. Along with the outstanding waist belt, the shoulder straps have proved their worth in being extremely comfortable as well. They too are thick with a breathable padding that does not wear on your shoulders or chest. The two adjustment points of the straps are below the users chest, controlling length, and behind the users shoulders, controlling the movement of the load from the upper back – this is a feature that is very beneficial for the hunter.

The upper adjustments will suck the load in tight to your back, thus pulling the load off your shoulders, but can also be loosened if more maneuverability is needed. The internal frame of the pack will hold your load upright, not allowing any slouching or uneven movements.


This pack is the product of both simplicity and cleverness. It has no shortage of compartments, while having placed each compartment in the most ideal locations, giving maximum accessibility to your gear. There is a large main compartment, two hip pockets, two rear pockets, an interior water bladder pocket, a back storage compartment, and a waterproof map pocket on the front. Inside the wings of the bag are specialized storage spaces for items such as spotting scopes and tripods. Along with the zippered compartments, there is a concealed fold-out rifle or bow cup on the bottom of the pack, as well as a roll out blaze orange meat shelf that turns securing meat into the simple buckle of a few straps – it aids in seating the meat snug and comfortably as possible.

The pack utilizes simple buckles and straps throughout its construction. Anything can be secured to it through the use of these strong adjustable straps. Ive used them for guns, bows, additional packs, jackets, sleeping bags, tents, water bottles, tripods, and even fly rods. The location of the smaller compartments are very accessible. The hip pockets are a great example because they are spacious enough for me to keep rangefinders and even collapsible water bottles. The most unique accessibility feature of this pack is the back pad opening – a zippered opening that allows the hunter to access the main compartment of the bag without having to take off the waist belt of the pack. A hunter can quickly remove the shoulder straps, twist the pack to the front of their body, and reach into the largest part of the pack, which is normally inaccessible.


This pack seems to receive much of its popularity due to its diversity – it can be used for an afternoon hunt, a day hunt, an over nighter, all the way up to a 3 or 4 day trip. A week long hunt might be pushing it, unless the hunter is packing very light. What makes the range of the 2200 so diverse is the size alteration. When only carrying the basics, such as first aid, water, and maybe some extra shells, the pack can be cinched down by its straps, and made into a day pack. All while it is at the ready to be loaded with meat and hauled back to camp.

This pack can also be filled to the brim with gear, and also have extra storage on the exterior of the pack. I have personally utilized the exterior straps for an incredible amount of gear. I have overloaded this pack with gear and meat, and I have never run into issues of potential damages to the pack or even sacrificing the comforts of the pack. Even if a hunter were to push this pack to its limits and it were to become damages, Badlands has proven to have one of the best warranties in the hunting industry. They will repair or replace any one of their products. End of story, no questions asked.

Photo credit: ArcheryTalk.com