Big Rock Blue Marlin Tourney Crowns Fab Fisherman


When it comes to fishing tournaments, the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is a lot like the Eddie Acai Big Wave Contest in Hawaii. It doesn’t happen unless the waves, or the fish in this case, are big enough.

The contest, which takes place in North Carolina each year, is won by the first fisherman to catch a marlin more than 500 pounds. Not since 2011 has a champion been crowned and this year it took just a day.

Robbie Stallings reeled in the winning 582-pound giant onboard the 61-foot Spencer to be crowned with the Fabulous Fisherman prize worth $365,000. Stallings told the Jacksonville Daily News that it felt like winning The Masters in golf.

“Somebody asked me about that and I said it has got to feel like if you’ve been playing golf all your life and you win the Masters,” he told the paper. “It has to be the same type of exhilarating feeling. It is the greatest feeling.”

Stallings said the fish put on quite a fight, running out about 500 yards of line at first then made another run at it before he got it under control. Though Stallings caught the first fish over 500 pounds, he’s not in the lead overall in the contest. That honor went to a 680-pound marlin on board Shenandoah 62.

© Ronigs | Dreamstime.comSea Fishing For Blue Marlin Photo