Watch This 500-Pound Mako Nearly Jump into a Boat


People have a downright inherent fear of sharks, but many times those fears are unwarranted, like the one I’ve heard about a shark jumping into a boat. Well here’s a video where the nightmare nearly plays out off the coast of Orange County, California.

Two fishermen hooked a nearly 500-pound mako shark that seeks revenge. If the skipper had not put the boat in gear, it just might have jumped into the boat. The shark makes several more leaps more than 10 feet into the air before rendering itself free from the fishing line, probably its intention by the stunt all along.

“I have caught and released a lot of makos before, and they have always jumped away from the boat. This guy went right at us,” fisherman Ward Kollar told Jukin Media. “Our hearts were jumping out of our chests.”

In other bizarre breaching incidents we’ve seen a dolphin leap into a boat and break a woman’s ankle and a killer whale seem to chase down a boat in a crazy seen caught on tape.