Mako Shark Attacks Fishing Boat Like Wannabe Jaws

It may not have the size to match the famed Jaws, but the mako shark that attacked a fishing boat near Perth, Australia recently certainly had the will. 

Jake Beazley, 19, was out fishing with his buddies when a mako shark showed up and first bit one of fish on their lines. That type of hostile action was not taken lightly, but as the boys worked to untangle their lines, the mako seemed to get more agitated. 

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It circled the boat and contemplated its next move before attacking the outboard. Then as if to scare the living daylights out of the crew, the shark leaped out of the water. The breach was reportedly one of three the shark made near the boat, reports Beazley on Facebook.

“All of a sudden it’s leaping out of the water. it got pretty close to the water so we thought we better get out of there,” Beazley told 9 News in Perth.

See a resemblance?