Fishing crews reel Shark in so big that it could barely fit on boat

A huge 900-lb tiger shark has been killed by fishermen on a small boat off the coast of Sydney following a 45-minute fight.

The tiger shark was captured off the coast of Sydney by Capt. Paul Barning and the crew of the Dark Horse.

The last fatal encounter with a shark happened in Western Australia, in Nov.

All the fishers needed was a little more than 45 minutes to pull the shark aboard, according to the newspaper.

Sharks can reach a maximum length of 7.62 meters and sometimes weigh over 800 kilograms.

A species of subtropical or tropical shark, species known to migrate along the east coastline in warmer months, following the current’s dietary trajectory.

As game fishing in NSW is said to have been experiencing one of its best seasons for 30 years, many are cautious about showing off their large catch online due to mounting criticism of the sport.

Charles Cernobori, 59, was killed by a tiger shark on Cable Beach in Western Australia in November last year.