Incredible Drone Footage of Sharks Hunting Florida Mullet

We wrote recently about how the mullet run along the beaches of Florida caused a string of shark attacks in a matter of hours on one particular beach.

Thanks to the crew at BlacktipH on Youtube you can see a birds-eye view with drone footage of exactly what’s happening as sharks meet up with billions of mullets migrating south.

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The resulting feeding frenzy is an amazing sight to witness from above as huge masses of fish undulate and swell to avoid the hungry sharks.

The mullet run occurs every fall, which means it’s a bad time to be a swimmer but a good time to be an angler on the hunt for a big catch, or in this case a photographer with an aerial drone.

We showed you previously how the intrepid anglers at BlacktipH handle blacktip sharks in the surf and a goliath grouper at the boat. Last year there were so many blacktip sharks in the water, it ignited a mystery among marine biologists.

This video also reminds us of similar footage of a seal hunting among thousands of fish in Bondi Beach, Sydney.

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