Trio of Shark Attacks at Same Florida Beach Within Hours

Surfing at New Smyrna Beach, Florida came with some exceptional dangers recently when three surfers were attacked by sharks in a span of three hours. 

In the most severe case, one of the surfers had to receive surgery. In the other two cases, the victims suffered minor lacerations. Surfers at the beach near Daytona like to line up south of the jetty where all three attacks occurred, according to NBC News. 

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Word of the first attack came in at 10:45 am when a 43-year-old man was bitten on the lower leg. Less than 30 minutes later a 36-year-old man reported getting bitten on both hands while surfing. Chucky Luciano reportedly received the worst injuries, which would require hand surgery

Shortly before heading in to the operating room he posted on Facebook to share photos and express gratitude for surviving the attack. “This has been a crazy week for me. But Im very grateful that I survived and will get to recover. Many people are not so lucky,” he wrote.

Then at about 1 pm a 16-year-old boy was bit on his inner thigh.

With seasonal fish migrations such as mullet occurring near the shore it was widely known to be on the lookout for sharks. One surfer who spoke with WFTV said sharks in the water are just something to be aware of, but they wouldn’t stop him from surfing.

“You’re going to see them,” he said. “It’s part of it. You just respect them.”