18 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re a Fisherman

fisherman knots

Fishermen are a special breed. Spending years on the water where patience and quick-thinking are put to the test will do that to a person.

Those years also allow us to look at our everyday life a little differently. Most of the time through a chartreuse-colored lens or a pumpkinseed-colored lens or even an electric chicken-colored lens—whatever your go-to color happens to be.

If you find your love for fishing moving into other areas of your life, you’re not alone. In fact, there are a ton of fellow anglers who on a daily basis display any number of the tell-tale signs of being a fisherman.


  1. Your Web browser’s homepage is a weather website that outlines moon cycles, sunrise and sunsets, and wind direction.


  1. You keep a fishing rod and tackle box in your car at all times. You know, just in case.


  1. You have more photos of you holding a fish than of you with any member of your family.


  1. You go to your nearest fishing retailer for a bag of wide-gap hooks and come home a dozen new lures instead.


  1. You talk about “Stella” so often, your wife or girlfriend thinks you’re having an affair.


  1. You can tie a knot with your eyes closed, or in the dark.


  1. You wake up well before any alarm you set goes off, even if it’s set as early as 4am, and you’re happy about it.


  1. You’re never fully satisfied that you have enough lures.


  1. You wish someone would create an anise-scented cologne or candle.


  1. Your favorite vacation spots are near great fishing lakes.


  1. You’re on a first-name basis with bait shop owners and charter captains, even ones who operate across the country.


  1. You have a permanent sunglasses tan.


  1. You put more miles on your boat than your car.


  1. You buy your taxidermist a Christmas card each year.


  1. You’ve ever wondered if it was possible to turn your swimming pool into a huge baitwell.


  1. You have pet names for any of your lures.


  1. You have to be reminded to take off work for an anniversary or doctor’s appointment, but don’t think twice about doing so for the first day of bass season…a year in advance.


  1. When anyone asks what your plans are, your response is “Depends on the weather.”