Adorable Little Girl Reels in Large Bass on Barbie Rod and Reel


Now this is pushing your Barbie rod and reel combo to its performance maximum. When 9-year-old Avery hooked a 5-pound bass with her pink Barbie rod, the fight was on. 

She tried to duck the duties at first. “I can’t get it. You need to help me,” she told her father, who filmed the scene from his fishing boat in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Instead, her father instills confidence for her to reel it in herself. “You can get it,” he says. 

After putting up quite a struggle, leaving Avery to let the fish run a couple of time, she eventually gets it to the boat where her father pulls it out of the water. 

“Put your hand up there,” he tells his daughter to show the bass measuring around 20 inches. The two can hardly contain themselves with laughter.

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot