6 Ways to Prepare for Bass Fishing Season

Frozen lakes and deep snow can make winter the most tortuous time of year for bass anglers. But while you wait for spring to arrive, you can be productive and take your mind off the winter blues by preparing for next season.

There are plenty of activities you can do, which will have you ready for your next bass fishing trip and make 2016 a better year on the water.

Organize lures

Sort through those tackle boxes. Every angler has a handful of lures that do not seem to work. Winter is the perfect time to cull your collection. Get rid of the ones you no longer want and make a list of lures and other tackle that needs to be replaced. Make a trip to your local outdoors store to restock your supplies. Then organize your lures and other items so they are ready to go when you hit the water.

Sharp hooks

While you are organizing your lures, take the time to sharpen all your hooks. If hooks are bent or damaged, replace them. This can be a tedious job, but it could make the difference between hooking a fish and losing it next season.

Replace line

Check the line on your reels. If the line needs to be replaced, spool up each reel with fresh line. Ideally, you should start the season with brand new line on all of your reels.


Where do you want to fish next season? Winter is the perfect time for trip planning and research. Take the time to research waters you have never fished before to find some new areas to visit. If you keep fishing journals, sort through your information and determine the areas you would like to revisit and the best times of the season to fish those areas. A good plan of attack for the season can lead to more success and less wasted time.


Just as golfers like to practice their putting indoors during the winter, bass anglers can practice their casting techniques to remain sharp for the upcoming season. In the basement, garage or driveway, place targets at a variety of distances and practice your casting. Work on those pitches and flips until you can land them in a coffee cup. It may seem silly, but when you need to make a tough cast next season, you will be ready.


Winter is a great time to catch up on your bass fishing literature. Read all the articles you can on techniques and strategies. Take notes and decide how you can implement these ideas into your outings next season.  Reading about bass fishing will help keep you fresh and is a great way to improve your skills on the water.

Winter can get any bass angler down, but if you put your time to good use, preparing for next season, you can take significant strides to improving your performance and success when the season opens.

Photo credit: Dreamstime