The Pelican Catch 120 Fishing Kayak Is a Smooth, Balanced Craft

Kayak fishing has grown in popularity throughout the last few years, a fact made evident by the growing number of specialized fishing kayaks available on the market these days.

I picked up my own ‘yak, the Pelican Boost 100, almost a year ago and couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

Pelican’s recently added more quality to the fishing kayak lineup with the recent addition of the Catch 120, which I had a chance to take for a spin. Here’s what I thought of Pelican’s newest offering.

Pelican has offered lightweight, durable kayaks for years, but the Catch 120 is the company’s first sit-on-top kayak designed specifically for stand-up fishing. A large, wide and flat deck offers plenty of room to stand and fish comfortably, or even mount accessories if you desire.

Paddling while standing is also surprisingly easy and stable given the Catch 120’s tracking and control. I felt completely confident to stand up, sit down and crawl all over this boat with no fear of tipping it.

Another new feature is the elevated, folding framed mesh seat that can be raised or lowered and adjusts forward and back, and also allows for breathability; a welcome added bonus on hot days. The ‘yak’s adjustable footrests can be easily adjusted to support your legs and then quickly locked into place.

As far as fishing features go, you’ll find a quick-lock hatch in the Catch 120’s bow that’s deep enough to store your fishing rods. There’s also a large tankwell secured with bungees, making it perfect for storing food or drinks you want to keep cool, or even your catch. Flush mount rod holders behind the seat are within easy reach, as well, making a change of tactics a smooth process.

For further storage, there’s also a large rear storage deck that can handle a small cooler, a PFD (personal floatation device) or even a kit of fishing essentials (many ‘yak anglers outfit a plastic milk crate for rear storage).

As far as the ability to transport the vessel goes, the Catch 120 is a hefty kayak. At 12 feet long and weighing in at 75 pounds (which is still much lighter than similar kayaks), this boat is just within the realm of being possible to load, transport and launch all by yourself. You won’t notice the weight in the water, though, as the 75 pounds is distributed over the wide tunnel hull and translates to total stability.

I’ve already discussed the prospect of making this ‘yak my newest toy this summer, as it’s got everything an angler might need for a say on the water, plus the added stability to stand up while paddling and fishing. The Catch 120’s $750 price tag may put off the casual angler, but anglers looking to level up their kayak fishing game will want to give Pelican’s newest addition to the roster a second look.

Photo credit: Youtube