Casio Smart Outdoor Watch is Designed for Adventure

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In the world of personal electronics where everything is getting smarter, Casio has managed to raise the bar even higher with their super intelligent Casio Smart Outdoor Watch made specifically for adventurers. 

Known as the WSD-F10, this watch is a far cry from Casio’s calculator watches of the 1980s. In Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch, which runs Android Wear™ – Google’s smartwatch platform, you can search the web and read emails like you would with competing smartwatches, but the Casio watch has a ton of other features meant precisely for the outdoors enthusiast.

At your fingertips is a wealth of information, everything from compass direction to atmospheric pressure tendencies, altitude readings, tide charts, sunrise and sunset data, and much more. Applications range from trekking and running to cycling and fishing. With such detailed information you’ll never be unprepared.

C0nstructed to military standards (MIL-STD-810G), this watch features a built-in microphone and it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, so it’s sure to hold up under heavy rain or around water and even submerged in water.

When it comes to fishing, this watch can help you be more successful. Calculating the time frame when fish are most active, the watch reminds you of the best times to head out.

For runners and cyclists it shows you how far, how high and how fast you pushed it, giving you a whole new perspective on your outdoor activities. The watch can also remind you when to eat and rehydrate as well as other events critical to an active lifestyle. 

It also has a compass and pressure sensor which can help you find your way and gauge changes in weather conditions based on significant changes in barometric pressure even when not paired with your smartphone.

Through its high-definition digital display, the watch face can change to multiple formats depending on your mood and desired function. And by switching from  Color LCD to Monochrome LCD, you can extend battery life, which is said to last more than a month under monochrome timepiece mode. 

In the growing field of smart watches, the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch stands out as the hands-down favorite among outdoors enthusiasts who want to make the most of their opportunities.

MSRP $500

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