Mature fisherman holding a fish and fishing rod in a river

6 Tips for Taking Better Photos on the Water

Most anglers enjoy documenting their latest catch with their camera and sharing with friends and family, whether it is through social media, email or text. Unfortunately, many anglers are much better at catching fish than they are at taking photos.

With a new fishing season on the horizon, there is no better time to sharpen your photography skills to ensure you have quality photos of your best catches this year.

Here are some fundamental tips that you should focus on this year, to take better photos of your fish.


One of the basics of photography is to keep the sun at your back when taking a photo. When shooting a subject with the sun behind the subject, all kinds of funky things can happen with lighting, and none of them are good. Most often, it is tough to see the subject, because they become a shadow or silhouette. Keeping the sun at your back when taking photos keeps the subject evenly lit, providing the best exposure.


Automatic focus can sometimes result in the camera focusing on things that result in a poor photo. This is especially true with fish, because all parts of a fish might not be the same distance from the camera. To get the sharpest looking photo, try to focus on the face of the fish. This will give the appearance the whole fish is in focus, even if it isn’t.

Fish Position

One of the oldest tricks in fish photography is to hold the fish out in front of you, toward the camera. This tends to make the fish look larger in the photo. We all want our fish to look as impressive as possible, right?

Multiple Shots

Make sure to take multiple shots of your catch, to make sure you have one that is decent. A good rule of thumb is five photos. One of them is bound to turn out. While you are taking a number of shots, try different poses or holding the fish differently in each shot.

Selfie Stick

When you are fishing with a buddy, it is easy to have the other person take a photo of you and your catch, but one of the toughest things to do is take a photo of yourself with a fish. Thanks to the invention of the selfie stick, it has become much easier to photograph yourself.  Make sure to bring one along if you are fishing by yourself. You will be thankful to have it, if you catch a monster.

Be Prepared

One of the best tips to follow in fish photography is to be familiar with your camera or phone camera before you head out on the water. Practice taking photos so you can do a decent job. This can save considerable headache when it comes to photographic your catch.

Another important tips when it comes to preparation is to always have your camera easily accessible, so you can take your photos quickly and return the fish to the water.

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