5 Best US States for Fishing

Put a fishing rod in our hand and we’re happy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t strive for the best. Although fishing in the creek nearest to you has it’s nostalgic and practical allure, there are countless of places under the sun to cast your line.

Luckily, a lot of the best fishing spots in the world are located in the United States. Here are the top five best US states for fishing.


We fishermen should be additionally grateful to Russia for selling us our biggest state in 1867 for $7.2 million. The land is rich with ore, minerals, and oil as well as fish and beautiful scenery. If you’re yearning for untouched nature and really coming in touch with your inner primal nature, you should plan your year according to the brief fishing season in Alaska. Even though it lasts only a few months, the nature alone and the variety of options scene and prey-wise is enough to withstand the cold. Salmon, steelhead, grayling, and northern pike can all be found in your hands if you decide to visit or move to America’s wilderness. And for the bravest, there’s the offshore fishing in unforgiving conditions.

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If you’re looking for a place where fishing is genuinely appreciated, The Pelican State will deliver seeing how a lot of population earns a living that way, and the rest of people feed themselves by the first group’s work. Louisiana is known as a marshy and water filled place, and you’re never too far from a fishing-friendly spot, they can vary a lot with different types of fishing being available throughout the year. Redfish, sheepshead, and drum are there to be caught all year long, and flounder and speckled trout being in abundance during all seasons, but winter. If you like open waters you can fish for tuna in the Gulf of Mexico all year round, and for those who are wishing for some unusual saltwater trophies you can hope of catching mangrove snappers, wahoos, and amberjacks during the cooler months.


There is no better state in the U.S. for saltwater fishing than Florida, it’s just a fact, whether you care more about the rarity of the fish, the quantity, weather conditions, or the beautiful sea on which you will fish. Florida’s land is pretty indented with the nation’s second largest number of bodies of water, and that makes it a great playground for anglers. Bass fishing enthusiast will know to appreciate Lake Okeechobee, catfish tend to flourish in swampy areas rich with creeks, canals, ditches, and ponds, and with the ocean and gulf on each side you can’t go wrong in Florida. The Keys are one of the nation’s most known fishing places and you can find bonefish and tarpons here. And in the end, fishing is an outdoors activity and Florida is known as the Sunshine state, so no wonder that a lot of people decide to retire in Florida

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Surrounded by the Great Lakes, Michigan is in a way peninsula mottled with lakes, bays, and other bodies of water that make it so appealing, not to forget the two national forests and three other big forest areas that are perfect for nature enthusiasts. Salmon and steelhead from the Great Lakes are the most important fish for Michigan anglers and with 11,000 inland lakes with high bass populations, there’s no debating that Michigan is a fisherman’s paradise. Lake Erie can supply you with a significant amount of smallmouths if you chose the right time of the year to visit and a man can spend a lifetime finding new fishing gems in the Great Lakes State.

New York

New York is known as a pretty urban state where nature is unimportant, but that is only for those who let the big city lights blind them to the scenic beauty and variety the Empire State brings to the table. With Lake Erie and Lake Ontario on one side, and Atlantic ocean on the other, New York has a lot of diversity to offer, and as we know, fishing isn’t that popular in this state where most people live in The Big Apple. Shared with Vermont, Lake Champlain is one of nation’s, or even world’s, best fishing place, especially bass fishing. Great populations of smallmouths and largemouths, fly-fishing in the Adirondack Mountains, contribute to the fact that New York is an overlooked fishing gem. People of New York really have it all.

What are the best US states for fishing in your opinion?