Woman Went Fishing, Reeled In Wallet Lost In The 1980s

When Sarah Foor and her husband went fishing in North Carolina’s Jones Lake State Park they was expecting to catch some fish. What she caught was a mystery. Her catch? A fully intact wallet from the 1980s. “I didn’t even catch any fish, but out of everything in the lake, I catch a wallet? How is this even possible?” she told WRAL.

According to the publication, the inside of the wallet included “a faded driver’s license with a fresh-faced young man, a Cumberland County library card, an array of expired credit cards with dated logos.” She also found senior photo from the class of 1984.  “Mickey, you’re a very special person to me. Love always, Sharon,” the back of the photo read. “The library card is perfect. The license is perfect,” Foor said. “Issued May 25, 1982. Expired, March 17, 1986.”

At the time of this writing, the owner of the wallet has yet to be tracked down. So if you know a Mickey who knew a Sharon in North Carolina in 1984, please contact WRAL. We assume the library card is still good.