Top 5 States for Bass Fishing

Every bass angler dreams of catching a trophy largemouth, but there are very few waters that produce world-record class fish. Only a handful of states can claim to have lakes or rivers that hold truly monster largemouth.

There are quality bass fishing lakes throughout the United States, but breaking down the reality of world-record waters leaves us five of the best states for bass fishing.


Logic would suggest that if you want to catch a world-record class largemouth, you should go where the giants are being caught. California is certainly at the top of the list.

One of the most renowned bass lakes in the Golden State is Castaic Lake, which has produced some of the biggest bass ever caught, including eye-popping 22-pound and 21-pound monsters caught by Robert Crupi in 1991 and 1990, respectively.

Other trophy producing destinations include the California Delta, Lake Casitas, Lake Dixon, the Miramar Reservoir and Clear Lake, where double-digit bass are just a cast away.


It is tough to beat Texas for its list of trophy largemouth lakes. The Lone Star State is renowned for big bass, so this is place to visit if you want a shot at a potential record.

Many of the biggest of the big bass caught in Texas have been hooked at Lake Fork, which has a long history of producing double-digit largemouths.

Other monster producing Texas destinations include Choke Canyon Reservoir and Falcon Lake.


Every largemouth bass angler is familiar with the world-class largemouth fishing offered in Florida. Big bass are a way of life in the Sunshine State.

If you have your sights set on a whopper, make a visit to West Lake Tohopekaliga , where a 15-pound fish is a realistic goal, and a record could be lurking.

Some other Florida destinations to visit for big bucketmouths, include Rodman Reservoir, Lake Alfred and Lake Santa Fe, but there are plenty of other waters that have record potential.


Arizona does not have many lakes, but it does have some exceptional largemouth bass waters that could produce a new record.

While there are a number of popular largemouth bass destinations in Arizona, the one with the highest potential for a record is Canyon Lake, which has gained a reputation for producing double-digit bass. The largest was over 16 pounds, but a new record could be pulled from this lake in the near future.


Thanks to lake management efforts earlier this century, Mississippi is starting to produce some really big bass, including a 17.34-pounder landed just three years ago.

Increasing number of fish in the 14 to 15 pound range have been reported from Mississippi lakes, so a new record could be caught at any time.

Among the best bets for big Mississippi bass are Davis Lake, Neshoba County Lake and Calling Panther Lake. Each has produced fish weighing more than 14 pounds in recent years.

Photo credit: Pixabay