How to Pull an Elaborate Ice Fishing Prank

For some, winter outdoors means ice fishing with friends. In Wisconsin, at least for a group of friends in a recent Youtube video from BlacktipH it means pranking the new guy with something absurd and sort of complicated to pull off.

Yes, these buddies managed to hook their friend’s line and attach an actual McDonald’s Big Mac, making sure to video the whole thing so the new guy would be captured getting played. And maybe really this is the essence of ice fishing: hanging with friends and doing juvenile things to get a laugh.

Typically known for shark fishing videos from Florida, this is an unusual outtake for the team at BlacktipH. It’s probably only in the hard winter climate of Wisconsin could some guys conceive of and then execute such a prank. First, they had to get their guy fishing in the tent, all cozy and warm. Next, they had to drill a second hole in the ice and bring his line through.

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Of course, having ordered a Big Mac and then putting it in a ziplock bag (We kind of can’t believe we’re reporting on this), finally getting their rube to pull it through, only to reveal the prank.

Really, A Big Mac? There were so many other options. A six pack? Some whiskey? But we guess the real lesson here is that the ice and the winter makes for odd behavior, and at the very least amusing. Or was it all staged? You decide.