What Your Bow Hunter Really Wants

bowhunterBow hunters have a unique set of equipment and gift needs. I suggest heading to the local archery shop for great ideas that can’t miss. Some of the items can also be purchased cheaper at Wal-Mart but keep your eyes on the quality as some make the cut and some do not. The part that is up to you is knowing the specifics of what the hunter wants. Here we’ll shoot you some sure fire winners.


Gift List

Bow targets are always wearing out. New targets and broadhead targets are sure to be a hit. Price starts around $40 and goes to a couple of hundred. If you really want to make a big deal look at the life size deer targets.

Camouflage is another item that is always in high demand with bow hunters. Shirts and pants are a great bet and quiet jackets and rain pants are even better.

Scent control gear is fun too. Hunters use everything from scent soap to high tech scent control clothing.

Now that the deer can’t see us or smell us, there is that big ticket item as well. The bow! Buying a bow outright takes a little planning so in this case, unless it’s a beginner, you should work with the hunter closely to make sure the draw length and everything is correct. It would help to actually KNOW what bow they want or get them a gift certificate. Modern bows are specialized enough that random selection just won’t work, but a bow for Christmas just might keep the yard mowed all year long.

If you know what the primary game hunted is you can buy elk calls, predator calls, deer calls and various other game calls. Game calls are great because they vary so widely that we always want to try new items and see how they work.

Happy Shopping