Dog with Bird

Gifts for the Upland Bird Hunter

Dog with BirdHunting upland birds is a favorite pastime for American hunters.  Not only can the hunter spend their time enjoying the beautiful outdoors alone or with companions, but it’s a great sport to spend with their canine best friend.   As a long time game bird hunter, I’ve found the following products to be useful and practical items that I would be happy to receive as a gift.

Dog Training Items

Upland bird hunters are somewhat unique because they sometimes require not just a gift for the hunter, but also their four-legged hunting friend.  Whether the dog is young or old, it never hurts to train in the off-season. Dokken has a great product called the Pheasant Training Gift Pack.  It consists of one life-size Dead Pheasant/Fowl Trainer, Scent Injector, Power Grip and a 4 oz. bottle of Pheasant Scent. Everything your dog needs to keep up his skills or gain new ones. You can find it on


It never hurts to go hunting properly attired!  Hunters spend a lot of their budget on clothing to ensure they are comfortable during their activities in the field.  Fortunately, if you know your hunter’s sizes, clothing is fairly simple to pick out.  Check out for a good selection of clothing in men’s or women’s upland selection.  Try Cabela’s Extreme Upland Series pants for a rugged, comfortable fit that will keep your hunter safe from thorns and thistles, and couple it with an Extreme Upland Series shirt for sturdy and comfortable wear that will breathe, but keep the wind out.  Don’t forget a good bird vest/game bag to bring in the haul!


Everyone who hunts has brought home meat to share with his/her family and friends.  Sometimes it’s not always easy to come up with a new way to prepare a bird that doesn’t involve oil and a frying pan.  Duck’s Unlimited: Upland Game Bird Cookery is a comprehensive and practical guide for preparing wild upland birds for the table. states: “Everything’s covered, from field care and aging to freezing and storing-even tips on how to prepare dry rubs and marinades to improve the flavor of stronger tasting birds. Cooking methods are quick and easy, using ingredients that are readily available to everyone. The book offers several 10-minute meals, and even a number of no-watch Crock-pot dishes that practically make themselves.”