Predator Hunter’s Secret Wish List

Predators wreak the most havoc on the country’s migratory and non-migratory game birds. Hardcore predator hunters are a special breed; they do the heavy lifting of controlling the country’s predator population. They also help fish and wildlife agencies actually manage the wildlife under their watch. However, controlling predators is too important of a job for even this mostly small group of hardcore hunters, and it should be the responsibility of other hunters to also chip in and do some lifting of their own by helping to put a dent in the predator population.

As a lifetime hunter and big-game hunting guide, I can only endorse or review products that I have personally purchased or used myself, so here are some solid recommendations that I have tested and recommend.  

Winning the Wind

“Keep the wind at your back” might be good advice for a long trip on foot, but it is not a practice that any hunter should strive for. Knowing and understanding the wind is fundamental in trying to fool predators as they move toward your calls.  I never leave home without an anemometer.  It not only tells me the speed and direction of the wind, but it also helps me to calculate windage for when I send my bullet on its way. I have used two brands that I have been happy with.  LaCrosse Technology , sells a reliable, economic model anemometer for around $40.00 through Cabela’s. I also like any wind meter from Speedtech Instrument’s Weatherhawk line.  They run from around $69 to $200.

Solid as a Rock

Although rifles and shotguns are personal items that need to be chosen by the hunters who use them, a shooting stick is a great universal gift that can’t fail.  A good shooting stick will allow a ground-based hunter to have a solid gun rest for a truer shot. Here are a couple sticks that I pack on my hunts. For a lightweight stick, I use Stony Point Steady Stix,. For a more durable shooting stick that can also be used as a walking stick, I use a Trigger Stick by Primos. Both of these products are solid performers.

Talk the Talk

No offence to all the other electronic game-call companies out there, but I have only used one brand. FoxPro Inc. has a stellar reputation and their customer service has stood tall in the predator hunting industry for years. I have hunted with some of the most successful Coyote, Bobcat, and Fox callers in the country and they all have FoxPro calls in their backpacks. They are not cheap, but they have somewhat economical models that are unbelievable. I use their Spitfire model which you can find on the internet for under $200. It has way too many features to list in this article, but any electronic unit fromFoxPro is a deadly weapon for anything with fur.