6 of the Fastest Compound Bows for Hunters

The world of archery is growing. And it is growing extremely fast. Masses of people are getting involved in the sport coming from various backgrounds. Many are doing so as a part of the movement to obtain meat in a natural way. Some are even doing it because shooting a bow is just plain fun.

With the growth of the sport and hunting applications comes advancements in the industry. Bow companies are constantly redesigning the fastest compound bow, in an effort to create a model that is light, fast, accurate, and forgiving.

When first getting into bow hunting or archery it can be overwhelming. Here are six of the fastest hunting bows. Each bow represents the newest innovation and the current flagship bow of several top manufacturers.

Though the exact feet per second (FPS) for each bow is often a variable, depending on a ton of factors, the bows are judged off of manufacturer specification capability ratings.

Elite Impulse 34



Elite archery is a fairly new company. Some might even say overlooked. They produce a limited variety of bows, but I think this is a plus. They are able to put a lot of desired features into just a few bows; the flagship bow being the top of the food chain. The Impulse 34 delivers a capability of 347-350 FPS. This rating is very impressive, considering the bow seems to be simple in design and extremely attractive – no extra fluff. Plus, Elite offers the best camo pattern variety out of any brand I’ve found.


Bear Escape



Bear has always made a great bow, but lately they have been pressed to keep up with younger competition. The Escape competes with any other finely tuned hunting bow on the market. It has a speed rating of 350 FPS, which puts it right up there with the competition.


Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo



Hoyt has recently been pushing the pace of performance hunting bows. They create extremely unique, light, and shootable bows. The Turbo version of their bows are made for speed. This one clocks in at 350 FPS, and only weights 3.8 lbs, due to its carbon construction.

Mathews Halon (5” Brace Height)



Mathews builds a solid bow. I’ve even heard them deemed the “Ferrari of Bows”. They engineer unique cam designs as well as riser and limb structures. Their new Halon shoots up to 353 FPS. Which is likely their fastest shooting bow yet. Mathews has also built a recent reputation of becoming somewhat ahead of their time in their innovations. Regardless the slightly odd looks of the extremely short limbs is made up for in the shear performance of this bow.

PSE Full Throttle



PSE pumps out bows that are extremely high performance, yet affordable. They may even be credited as the best possible bow for an aspiring bow hunter. They are in the business of making bows that pack a serious punch. The Full Throttle is up there at 362-370 FPS. An insane amount of speed for such a classically designed dual cam bow. This bow’s speed rating is unmatched, and putting one of these on the chronograph would be epic. Especially when matched up against some of the other bows on this list.

Bowtech Prodigy



Anything breaking 340, even 330, is a very fast bow. Bowtech has formed a pretty solid reputation for itself. They make a solid bow, and the Prodigy has a very fast rating of 343 FPS. That is very impressive, and being its an exact number makes me think that they probably used a chronograph when measuring the speed.

Photo credit: Wikimedia