Winning Turkey Hunting Gifts

TurkeysThe turkey hunter is traditionally the easiest hunting type to buy a gift for.  Camo, vests, face masks, shells and calls are common.  The following gift ideas are for the gift-giver who wants to give something useful and creative, as well as, being fun. 

Do It Yourself

It can be expensive to have a turkey mounted.  As a taxidermist, a full-sized bird takes a good 20 to 24 man hours to mount (that does not include drying and finishing time). Most people don’t realize that every feather has to be individually set, which is a tedious and time-consuming chore. So an average bird can cost upwards of $500 and take up a lot of space in your home. Why go to this bother and expense when you can have the satisfaction of mounting your turkey fan yourself?  A fantastic, economical gift for the turkey fanatic is a tail mounting kit.  Kingdimensions.com, offers a selection of high quality oak-paneled kits for everything from a beard only; to a full tail fan, beard and spurs display for the low price range of $35 to $45.

Make Your Own Call

Turkey hunters often have a selection of calls they keep and love, but a unique gift that is unique and practical, is a do-it-yourself call kit.  The Call “Purr”fect Turkey Call Kit is an economical gift in the $50 price range that will allow a hunter to make up to 13 or more diaphragm turkey calls. It is made by Call Purrfect and can be purchased on amazon.com. There is nothing more rewarding than to call in a longbeard with a call that you made yourself.


Decoys are often bulky and difficult to transport especially in a remote or brushy area.  The solution? Give your turkey hunter a 3-D Montana Decoy turkey or two! These decoys are unique because they are a 3-D picture printed on cloth with a flexible fiberglass frame that folds down to a small bundle easily transportable and streamlined. From a distance they look exactly like a turkey and even though they are flat, they are indistinguishable from a real turkey or actual full-sized hunting decoy from any distance.  You can find this brand at Sportsmanswarehouse.com or cabelas.com. I have burned through a few of these during my time as a turkey hunting guide, and you can’t go wrong.