Alaska on a Whim

Hunting and fishing in Alaska is a huge endeavor and often requires years of proper planning. However, it is possible to simply get on a plane to the 49th state and have the unguided adventure of a lifetime by letting a reputable hunting consultant take care of all the unscheduled details for you.

While attempting a last-minute Alaskan excursion with no plans is not the best way to go, it is possible to have a quality Alaskan experience by letting Derek Ratliff of Bear Paw Outdoors be your ‘man with the plan(s).’ “I can usually get an unscheduled hunter out on a trophy-quality Black Bear hunt within a few days,” says Ratliff. “If a person times it right, we also have fly-out day trips for world-class Silver salmon that can be added on as well.”

There are some limitations to hunters seeking an eleventh hour unguided hunt however, and access to other animals such as Caribou and Moose can be restricted due to the complexities of the logistics involved with locating and scouting these animals. 

The good news is that Bear Paw Outdoors’ Black Bear hunts have one of the highest success rates in the country. “We are pushing 100% success rates on our fly-out Black Bear hunts and on average, my hunters will get a good look at a six foot bear,” adds Ratliff. Not only are the success rates phenomenal, but the hunts are priced to be very affordable at around $1500.00. This is a great price for a hunt anywhere, but it is a bargain for an Alaskan adventure that can help a hunter take the trophy of a lifetime.   

For almost a decade, Derek Ratliff has been gaining experience in Alaska’s outdoors, and helping other hunters accomplish their dreams seemed like a natural step in his outdoor progression.  Ratliff makes it perfectly clear what drove him to serve other hunters, “I started consulting on hunts because of my love for the outdoors. I was also influenced by discouraged hunters who had previously negative experiences with disreputable guides and outfitters. I think every hunter deserves a good hunting experience, so I thought I could help make that happen. ”

Bear Paw Outdoors also offers a unique fly-out combo hunt for Kodiak Island Caribou and Sitka Blacktail Deer at a very affordable $3000.00. Hunting is not the only feature of a Bear Paw Outfitters adventure; the flying is another Alaskan treat. All hunts originate from beautiful Kenai, Alaska. From there, you will get on board one of three classic Alaskan aircraft that are not only the work horses of Alaskan bush flying, but they also have their places in aviation history. A Bear Paw client will travel to the hunting grounds on either a Piper Super Cub, turbine DeHavilland Otter, or a turbine DeHavilland Beaver.  

If you want a quality Alaskan adventure provided by quality individuals, Bear Paw Outdoors is worthy of your consideration.

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