Game Camera Tips, Part Two

We have covered location when it comes to game cameras, and it can never be stressed enough that proper distance and proper angle is very important, but not as important as setting up your camera to the south of your target area due to the sun movement. There are other considerations that need to be addressed to get the best possible performance from each camera unit.

One bad thing about game cameras is that they are not cheap and they are very desirable to thieves, so keeping track of them and securing them if possible, is an important step in camera management. You can never deter a thief from wanting to steal, but you can deter one from actually stealing. I like to set my cameras up in low profile places. I avoid obvious places and try to camouflage my units if possible.

Another tip is obvious, but you should always use a locking chain or an anti-theft cable on your units. This does not make them bulletproof, but it will prevent an easy picking by a thieving scumbag. 

One more option is to have a welding buddy make some protective boxes that you can place the unit in while in use. This is a huge endeavor, but well worth it if you are spending hard-earned money on cameras. It makes sense in the way that a gun safe does. If your guns are worth more to you than a gun safe, then you should have a gun safe. Peace of mind is underrated.

If you are using more than a few game cameras, it is a good idea to mark them and the memory cards that go in them. This will help you keep inventory and keep things in order. Another good idea is to mark their locations by GPS. It is very easy to overlook or forget where a unit is located, and if you are getting old like me, a GPS location list will help maintain your arsenal more efficiently.

A keen game observer will enter the GPS locations on a map to get a perfect layout of what areas are currently being observed. You can also use this map to adjust your coverage area and to give someone else the layout of where your units are in the event you cannot retrieve them yourself. Again, it is just peace of mind, but keeping a solid lock on where your valuable cameras are located is just solid resource management.