Hunting Country for Old Men

It has long been a fact that the more a hunter ages, the less hunting options become available to him or her. For the most part that is true; however, there are still plenty of hunting options available for senior citizens to pursue. For big game, deer can easily be hunted in most states by aging hunters, but for large animals like elk that may seem out of reach. If you are worried that you’re elk hunting days are over, try Colorado. It is the place to be. There are tons of guided elk hunting opportunities in this mountainous state for those who cannot run up mountains.

Western Slope Outfitters runs their operations in Western Colorado near the town of Rifle. Owner/operator Jeff Burrell knows what it takes to put seasoned citizens on elk in this rugged state.  The first ingredient for older hunters to find success is to hunt on private property. This allows the land to be managed to its full potential and it also allows for select land that adjoins truly wild lands.

Burrell has selected properties with “moderate and gentle” terrain. He also claims that if a person can walk around a store for a couple of hours, they are in well enough form to hunt with him.

During the hunts, hunters will be hunting diverse western land in the form of alfalfa fields, cottonwood creek bottoms, sage fields, meadows of aspen. Since the locations are at the base of mountains, plenty of wildlife is available and it is not uncommon for hunters to see hundreds of game animals during their hunt. Burrell has taken hunters into their 80s and he knows how to keep the dreams of less-active hunters alive.

Every hunter knows that when an animal is down, the work begins. Burrell makes sure that all his client’s trophies are taken care of by himself or his guides. The Western Slope staff will field dress and transport all animals to appropriate facilities where they will be skinned, cleaned and taken to a processer.

To stay mobile and available to go where the animals are, hunters will be staying at an area hotel. While some people like a lodge atmosphere that includes late night fellowshipping and story swapping, Burrell’s clients get privacy and plenty of rest. A good night’s sleep is underrated and seasoned hunters know how important and valuable sleep is.

There are other options out there for older hunters to go in the quest for elk, but Western Slope Outfitters is a hard choice to pass up considering they cater to a special group of hunters.