Rabbit Hunting

cottontailRabbit hunting is awesome. Rabbits are tasty and hunting rabbits is simple, cheap and easy. Most of the country has huntable rabbit populations with Cottontails being the most prolific. You can hunt with dogs or by yourself and you can hunt with a bow or a single shot .22 rifle. The options are unlimited. 

Cottontails are mostly found in areas that contain a lot of cover, but if you can find grassy fields bordered by briars you will do fine. They like to live in the thick stuff and they have been known to live in old farm machinery and equipment, wood piles and old fallen-down houses.   

Since heavy cover is ground zero for rabbits, using a good pair of field pants or tin pants will help keep you protected from scratches and punctures. A good pair of gloves will also help and eye protection should be mandatory. Boots are definitely needed as you never know what you will step on around old homesteads and thick brush.

One of the simplest techniques for hunting rabbits is to simple walk into their habitat and flush them from their hidey holes and relaxation spots. Once they break cover, it is up to you how you want to shoot them. Some people make it more sporting by trying to shoot them on the run, but others simply wait for them to stop or pause before they take a standing still shot.

 If you choose to shoot them on the run, you will need to remember to keep your weapon on standby in the ready position. It is very difficult to get a gun off of your shoulder and trying to get off a shot at a fleeting blur of fur thumping its way to the horizon.

If you chose to hunt with a partner, it helps to keep a decent distance between two hunters. This will help corral a running rabbit and it will allow for some safety consideration if some shooting needs to occur.

Rabbits are a lot like game birds; they can be placed in a vest pouch or carry bag and don’t need to be cleaned right away like a big game animal. However, cleaning them quickly is always a good idea, as it is with all game, but you will need to protect yourself with some form of cleaning gloves. They are not rodents but they have rodent characteristics and have been known to carry diseases, so wear gloves and cook the meat accordingly. 

Rabbits are a great way to affordably hunt and they can be challenging and rewarding.