Magellan eXplorist GPS Made For Hunters

Magellan-GPSIn today’s competitive GPS market when most companies try to broaden their product’s  appeal to a larger audience in the hope of gaining a larger market share, Magellan has stepped up and boldly proclaimed that they specifically support hunters by recently releasing the Magellan eXplorist 350H GPS which was designed and marketed for hunters.

The eXplorist 350H is waterproof and rugged. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel the quality and the attention to detail. It radiates toughness and the color scheme makes you think you are holding something special.

Unlike most other GPS units who sport a solid or two-toned color, Magellan made a valiant effort to let the world know who this particular model is made for by covering the unit in contemporary  camouflage and sticking large control buttons that are hunter’s orange in color.

The 350H (the ‘H’ designates ‘Hunt’) is a lot of things, but bulky and awkward it is not. It is small enough to fit in any pocket and it is extremely light.  With its smaller size and feather weight, the 350H seems to belong wherever you carry it.

Besides the physical characteristics that make it hunter-friendly, the 350H has some serious guts which make navigating and marking waypoints easy while on the hunt. In fact, as proof that Magellan was serious about serving hunters, they designed special waypoint marking options that are only hunter specific, such as an option to mark a buck scrape, a shed antler location, animal tracks, blood spots, shot location, bedding areas and there is even a quick option to mark a pile of scat.  Excuse me, but what other GPS on the market has a poo marker? None.

Another bonus of the unit is when you purchase a Magellan eXplorist 350H; Magellan includes a one-year subscription to Digital Globe satellite imagery. This allows a hunter to “virtually scout” a future hunt location without having to physically scout the area. The benefits of scouting from home are obvious.

The common sense and quality that went into designing and building the eXplorist 350H are second-to-none. Magellan has a well-earned reputation for quality products and customer service, and they support their products and their customers with downloadable updates as they become available.   

With all the GPS bells and whistles packaged in completely cool colors for an affordable price (MSR $249.99), hunters should find the eXplorist 350H to be a worthy purchase.

Magellan gets a giant salute for creating the 350H, a legend in the making.