What Strange Things Have You Seen While Hunting?

emuI am an avid reader of forums and I have noticed that one subject in particular always garners tremendous response from hunters when it is presented. Although it is worded differently on various websites, it usually resembles something like, ‘Name something weird you have seen while hunting.’ You would really be surprised what your fellow hunters run across while out in the wild. 

Some memorable items mentioned by others that I have a hard time forgetting include; a live bomb in the Nevada wilderness, scoped rifles, a perfectly good saddle, dolls, and many more things that just don’t belong in the middle of the wilderness.

I once was hunting out of a treestand in the Midwest during early deer season and I witnessed something I will never forget. I watched a monkey traveling through the treetops and it passed within 50 yards of me. It was around 20 inches tall and I never got a good look at its face to identify it. I never noticed a tail either, but I am sure it had to be tucked or was just not noticeable. This wasn’t a lost monkey either. It traveled stealthily and with purpose right into the night.

One time while hunting in eastern Washington, miles from any residence or road, I heard something in the thick timber running toward the logging road I was walking on. As it got closer, I imagined it to be a large bull elk or a bear on a mission, but as I readied my bow to take advantage of the wayward big game animal, a giant emu popped out on the road and never even paused as it crossed the road and ran right into the timber on the other side.

A friend of mine shared a story about a blacktail hunt he was on in the thick forested terrain of the Oregon coast. He was hunting a clearcut that was around 10 years old and as he placed his binoculars up to his eyes, he swore he was looking at a female Bigfoot standing right next to a large huckleberry tree. He could see her breasts from 200 yards away and she was staring at him. They had a stare-off for 15 minutes until he could no longer hold the binos to his face. He briefly rested and quickly tried to see her again but she was gone. To someone who doesn’t know my friend, it might sound like a crazy story, but you try telling him that while he cries during the telling. 

If you have ever seen or ran across something strange while hunting, I would love to hear about it. You can contact me at chaddolbeare@yahoo.com.