Why You Should Hunt Alaska

alaskaAlthough no hunter really needs me to tell them why they should hunt Alaska, I’ll offer my reasons why I like to hunt in Alaska.

The scenery is second to none. Everyone knows Alaska is beautiful, but there are so many regions in Alaska that have their own charm and unique scenery. The far north has its tundra and Brooks Range Mountains. The west has its many potholes and muskeg, and I could go on, but it seems if just going a couple hundred miles in any direction, the scenery changes into something better.

You can feel the true definition of being truly alone. When that Piper Supercub takes off and you are left there standing alone watching it slowly disappear, you understand what being alone really is. It is an overwhelming feeling that leaves you both elated and worried. If you ever want to know how you would act if left alone in some true wilderness, Alaska is the place to do it.

The variety of animals is second-to-none. No matter where you go, you will see various species of animals. There is nothing as exciting as hunting for Caribou and having the potential of seeing moose, Grizzly bears, Black bears, sheep, goats or wolverine. Where in the country can you have that sort of chance? Alaska, that’s where.

The potential of a true trophy can happen at any time. No matter what you are hunting or where you are hunting in Alaska, a record book animal could show up anywhere. With such a huge area to manage, the state biologist can only make educated guesses on the true trophy potential of any given hunting area, so hunters can and do get some great surprises while in the field. A good friend of mine was hunting on Kodiak Island for bears one fall when he happened upon a Sitka Blacktail deer that he could not pass up. The buck ended up netting well into the Boone & Crockett record book.

Finally, the best part of Alaska for me is the challenge of it all. Although it is nice to hunt on bluebird days, having to put up with the elements can also be rewarding and worth the hassle. Working hard for an animal is not always the most desirable hunting condition, but it sure makes for great memories. If you do hunt in Alaska, it is guaranteed that the weather will always be a part of your recollections and the terrain will be too. 

Every hunter owes it to themselves to hunt Alaska just once. Even if you are broke, you can still just fly to Anchorage, rent a car, drive two hours east and start hunting. Just do it.