Cheap Alaska Hunts

OCT#7PicDo you think hunting in Alaska is out of the question with your current budget? Do you think it cost thousands of dollars to hunt there? It doesn’t. Sure, for some of the big, desirable animals it is very expensive, but you can hunt deer, black bears and small game extremely cheap. Besides a plane ticket, licenses, tags and the cost of a rental car, you can make an Alaska hunt happen.  Here are my top three choices for affordable Alaska hunt opportunities.

Bears out of Anchorage

Not only can you fly into Anchorage, rent a vehicle, drive two hours south, and start bear hunting (the next day), but you can kill three black bears in certain areas. It is up to you to read and understand all the hunting regulations in Alaska, but if you take the time and call the appropriate representatives at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG), they will square you away. 

If you plan properly and get your bear baiting certification and the proper bowhunting certification, you can set up your own bear bait and not have to worry about covering miles of hunting ground. A bait site could save you a lot of money and time.

Deadhorse bow hunt for caribou.

As mentioned above, if you get the correct bowhunting certification that is approved by ADFG you can fly into Deadhorse, Alaska and start bowhunting. You don’t even need a vehicle and there are even motels to stay in. If you don’t know where Deadhorse is, you need to look at a map and verify it is in the middle of nowhere at the top of Alaska. It is a brutal land that needs to be respected and the weather can be deadly. The wind can also be unbearable. 

Believe it or not, you can kill five caribou up there. This hunt is for the dedicated, but it is an astonishing opportunity for any hunters who are up for an adventure and a lot of hard work.

Kodiak deer hunting.   

This hunt is the easiest to plan. You can fly into the city of Kodiak on Kodiak Island and either walk or rent a car and go deer hunting. There are many rules and regulations to follow, but once you navigate the red tape you can actually be hunting where the largest brown bears in the world live. It is that easy. There are plenty of motels, restaurants, and even a Walmart in Kodiak, so you can have an Alaska adventure and still feel somewhat at home.