Textbook Elk Bow Hunt by Stuck N The Rut

Hunting elk can be one of the biggest thrills for any hunter. The animals are massive and one of the best hunting challenges in North America. An even more challenging way to take one is on a bow hunt.

In the video above from StucknTheRut.com, brothers Tom and Travis Schneider demonstrate textbook bow hunting for elk as Tom takes down a 300-pounder. The pair had been calling to the bull for more than six hours, Tom says on the video. 

“This bull did not want to come in, which is why you have to go after him some times,” he sayd. “We heard it bugle all morning since daylight. It wouldn’t come into any calls and it was hung up in this drainage, so finally we just had to go down after him and came right into his territory.”

Tom said they could hear the elk raking a tree after his brother raked a tree to draw a response. He did not respond though to the cow call, but when Travis thew out another bugle call, the bull screamed back.

“It came in ticked off and walked right past me,” Tom said. “This is thick country here but I had just a small opening between the brush where I saw that crease in his shoulder… I’ve wanted a bull like this since I was 12 years old.”

To see just what Tom saw between the sights check out the video above and subscribe to their youtube channel

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot