Teenage Girl Takes Down Nebraska Record Elk

It was a pretty nice shot for a girl, not to mention the state record in Nebraska when Hannah Helmer bagged a record elk.

The 14-year-old took the shot at the giant elk from about 200 yards while hunting with a family friend. The pair told the story to the Omaha World-Herald and posted a photo of the prized bull elk on the Big Game Conservation Association of Nebraska’s Facebook page.

The elk they had been tracking was crossing through a gap in the trees following a cow in the area when family friend Lee Johanson bugled for a final time. That’s when the elk stopped and Hannah had a clear shot.

“I tried not to think of how ig he was,” she told the World-Herald, “and just getting those crosshairs right where I was supposed to.”

The kill itself, she said, was an emotional moment, which caused her to burst into tears. Little did she know it was a potential record breaker in the state. Based on the Boone and Crockett scoring, the green score of the rack measured 428-1/8, the state record being 409-7/8. After 60 days once the skull dries out, the record will be official.

“This thing easily puts them to shame and then some,” taidermist Scott Black told the paper. “The symmetry on this thing is just spectacular.”