Marlin 336 Brush Gun, Great Bet for Short Range

marlin 336

When most people think about a hunting rifle, they think about the long distance gun that is capable of putting an animal down past 200 yards. But if your favorite hunting spot consists of dense brush and thick woods, most shots will be at much closer range. I recommend a brush gun like the Marlin 336, also known as the cowboy assault rifle, for this task.

If you are going to be hunting at shorter distances and in the thicket, the best bet would be to use a rifle suited for maneuvering through the woods. This type of hunting rifle is called a brush gun because it is made for walking through dense brush. These rifles are great for taking down medium sized game such as deer and black bear because they are chambered in cartridges like the .30-30, .308 and .35 Remington.

While there are quite a few makers of these brush guns, only a couple of them have perfected their quality and reliability so much, that it has been a standard for them for many years. One such gun and maker is the Marlin 336 lever action rifle. This rifle comes with a short and accurate 20 inch barrel with Micro Groove Rifling, and weighs in at only seven pounds. The overall small stature of this gun make it perfect for hunting in thick brush and in the middle of the woods.

It is available in .35 Remington and .30-30, both of which are sufficient to take down any medium sized game in North America. Some hunters prefer a scope on their rifle to make for some easy target acquisition, while others are more old-fashioned and use the factory sighting system already in place. Since most of your shots will be at 100 yards or less, this is an acceptable way to hunt.

Depending on where you hunt, a long range rifle with a heavy barrel may not be a good option. However, there are a couple rifle makers who have perfected the short brush gun to help you in your trek through the thick brush and densely wooded forests of North America.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons