Sportsman Channel Debuts “Shed Wars”

Shed antler hunting will become the subject of the latest reality television series on the Sportsman Channel when the premier episode of “Shed Wars” debuts May 21.

The series features five teams that compete over finding the most valuable shed antlers. High demand and limited supply have driven up the value of these prized antlers lately, raising the stakes for who can find them first.

“Shed Wars is a unique take on a hunting season many of us never get to see or experience,” Marc Fein, vice president of programming and production for Sportsman Channel said in a press release. “The competitive nature of the show adds to the suspense, and viewers will really get a sense of who these characters are, and be able to relate to them along the way.”

Shed antler hunting is certainly an art form as there are numerous things to keep in mind when seeking out prime locations. You want to find placed where animals are likely to travel, where the terrain is rough and where other hunters are unlikely to be.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons