Watch This Moose Lose An Antler Before Your Eyes

Finding shed antlers is extremely rare, and catching a moose dropping one on camera is even more rare. Watch in this incredible video as a moose near Laramie, Wyoming shakes off an antler.

Every year male moose shed their antlers signaling the coming of another season. Usually they fall off sometime in the fall or early winter.

Each antler on a full-grown moose can weigh up to 40 pounds and can be sold as home decor. There are many tips you can learn to find shed antlers on your own, including much of the same techniques when hunting wildlife.

Look for places that are likely to dislodge a set of antlers, such as stream crossings, and look for them in the early spring. A young moose can shed its antlers as late as march. If you find one, there might be another close by. A set always fetches more than a single.  

Photo credit: Youtube