Watch This Hunting Reality TV Star Nearly Die from a Spear Wound


It’s every hunter’s worst nightmare. You’re hunting alone in a remote location and you have a life-threatening accident.

That’s exactly what happened to Tim Wells, star of the Sportsman Channel show Relentless Pursuit. While self-filming an episode of the show in Africa, Wells accidently speared himself through the thigh.

In a dramatic video he posted to Facebook earlier this month, Wells addresses the camera as he clings to life.

“I’ve got all the bleeding to stop but I’m pretty tired right now and extremely thirsty,” he says into the camera as he clutches the wound with finger to stop the bleeding. His face has spots of blood and Wells appears extremely fatigued.

He explained that he was up in a tree prepared to spend the day filming by himself when he dropped his camera. In his haste to come out of the tree to retrieve the camera, he said he lost his balance and the spear went right though his thigh.

While trying to stop the bleeding, he addressed the camera. With his water and radio still up in the tree, he had no way of calling for help. Wells survived the injury and is recovering now at home in the States, but what he captured on video could have been his last words.

“I’ve lost a considerable amount of blood and finally got the blood to stop,” he says as he checks the wound. “No, it’s not stopped. If I can stop from passing out I will survive. If not, I will probably die. So here I am enjoying a beautiful day in Africa.”  

Yes, I've been SLOCKED!! But I'm like a 3 legged coyote, it takes more than a hole through the thigh to give me a dirt nap. Kerrie and I do want to say thank you for the overwhelming support. Especially all you wonderful gents who have offered to take my wife hunting during my state of peril. And for you who have caringly asked if its on film, yes, why yes it is.

Posted by Relentless Pursuit on Thursday, September 3, 2015