Another Hunter Spears Black Bear on Camera

A hunter for the Sportsman Channel filmed himself spearing a giant black bear from a tree stand, drawing criticism from animal rights activists. 

A similar incident drew widespread condemnation and the attention of international news broadcasts when a hunter speared a bear and then celebrated like he won the Super Bowl. 

In this latest video, Tim Wells, star of the show Relentless Pursuit, filmed the encounter by himself using mounted cameras and even a GoPro attached to the spear. First a smaller black bear sniffs the bait but then gets scared off. 

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“He was extremely nervous, which meant something possibly bigger is coming my way,” Wells says off-camera. And he was right because a giant black bear soon emerged from the woods. Without hesitation Wells slings the spear landing straight into the bear’s side. It died not far away after leaving a thick trail of blood. Throughout the video disclaimers are posted on the screen about the historic use of spears during hunts. Another note states that hunters have always celebrated the hunt.

Yet once again it’s not so much the hunting methods that has likely drawn the ire of animal welfare activists, but the attitude of the hunter. Wells is all smiles as he locates the animal and relishes in the accomplishment. But at no time do we hear him thank the animal for his life or show any appreciation to the animal at all. 

To one commenter on the video that states he hopes Wells doesn’t lose any sponsors from the stunt, Wells replies, “Me too but they’re hunters like me we are probably good to go.”

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Fellow hunter Wesley Brooks writes: “I support hunting, especially over conventional industrial production… I’m a hunter myself. But where is the sport in baiting and tree hides? You mentioned in this video that “hunters have always enjoyed the chase”… but there’s no chase here unless you count the less than 80 yards walk to your already dead prey. Love the spear by the way. I’d like to get one! But considering I don’t use bait or hides I probably won’t be hunting bears!!”

Wells himself was a victim of a spear to the leg during a hunt last year in Africa. As he leaped out of his tree stand, the spear jabbed him in the thigh and he nearly died from the injury.