This Bowhunter in North Carolina Got Popped Faking a Deer Rack

Sometimes you just really want to be that one who got the biggest, most fantastic buck. Sticking a record-breaking deer at the start of bowhunting season is such a draw that actually pulling it off is a matter of timing and luck. 

Unless, of course, you make your own luck. Or should we say, screw your luck to the skull of a lesser deer. Seriously.

A bowhunter in Surry County, North Carolina may have gotten his buck, but the way he presented it was less-than honest. Nick Davis posted photos of himself Sept. 16 with a massive 27-point deer. 

The deer was hailed as the state’s new record with a net score of 208 2/8 inches, according to Joey Thompson, an official scorer for the North Carolina Bowhunter’s Association.

That’s exciting stuff, unless you know what to look for. One such group is the North Carolina Wildlife Commission. That group became skeptical upon viewing the photos which showed a freshly killed deer with bleached antlers.

But those weren’t the only skeptics. Pretty much every other hunter who looked at the photos called BS. They simply looked too nice to be from the deer to which they were attached. Closer inspection revealed the antlers had been attached to the deer’s head using screws.

Our first question is this: How did Thompson not notice the antlers were screwed on while he was measuring the deer? Our next question is how did Davis cook up such a scheme, as was he joking?

Nonetheless, The NCWC summoned game wardens to check it out, and ultimately Davis fessed up to his deed. He was caught.

Thompson somehow took it upon himself to go public with the thing he had failed to notice in the first place. In fact the antlers used in the fake were not even from the same state.

“Wardens had him confess, antlers were from Pennsylvania,” he told the North Carolina Sportsman.

Thompson went on to say that authorities went to Davis’ house because they were getting overwhelmed with calls.

Well, yes. Of course they were.