Easiest Method to Remove Elk Ivory Revealed


Hunting elk is not only one of the sportiest animals to pursue. It also comes with a treasure dating back to ancient jewelry and that’s elk ivory.

Every bull elk has a pair of ivory front teeth. Hunters who are keen on using as much of the animal as possible typically pry these teeth loose with pliers and a hand saw. But this can be time consuming, not to mention difficult. And it can scratch or damage the ivories.

For an easy and fool proof way to remove elk ivories, Eric Chesser from the team at GetHushin.com demonstrates a trick an old-timer once taught him. 

Just take a piece of wood and align it perpendicular to the tooth and hit it with a hammer, Chesser explains on a recent Youtube video. The tooth should leverage right out, and depending on how dry the gums, the tooth might need a little prying.

For anyone who ever did it the old way, this will forever change the way you remove elk ivories.