Surprise Ammo Boxes Delivered with Toys R Us


Cost-wise, it was a huge bargain. A Virginia Beach mom who ordered online from Toys R Us received a box of ammunition along with it. Packed right along with a birthday gift for her soon-to-be 7 year old son, a $20 foam Minecraft sword, were several boxes of ammunition 

That bonus shipment of 800 rounds of 9mm ammunition with a market value of about $180 sounds like a jackpot for hunters, but to Jasemin Stephenson it raised a red flag. 

“It’s very shocking,” she told USA Today. She feels the inclusion of the ammunition in her package was irresponsible on the part of Toys R Us. So Stephenson called the company, but they reportedly only asked her if she wanted to return the ammo.

Those 800 rounds of ammunition are definitely not a part of the Toys R Us lineup. Company spokesperson Kathleen Waugh says that the chain is investigating where it came from, beginning with speaking to their delivery carriers.

Photo credit: Dreamstime