Hunting Clubs Are Vital To Preserving History

The American hunting club is slowly becoming a forgotten icon. The United States has been, and still is, full of hunting clubs big and small in each and every state. Some clubs are full of die-hard hunters, while some are purely geared toward drinking and good times.

Regardless of how many deer are killed or how many stories are made, retaining the history of these clubs is necessary for preserving the ever continuing history of American hunters.

Hunting clubs have been prevalent since the dawn of man. Hunting and gathering in groups and bands has always been a favored method of harvest. Modern hunting clubs are much different than the ones thousands of years ago, but in many ways they are the same.

Just as ancient man documented their hunts on the walls of caves, it is our responsibility to continue the tradition of storytelling. Man has received a camaraderie from hunting together that is rarely see in other activities. That bond remains today and can be seen in the black and white photographs on the walls of hunting club lodges.

Hunting clubs across the US are full of rich stories and refined memories shared by young and old alike. Stories are passed down, photographs are admired, and words are exchanged under dim lights and amongst tattered poker tables.

Photographs are the most common method of preserving these accounts of harvests, along with the lives and friendships of past members, but how can we continue to retain a more in depth record of this history?

Though a picture speaks a thousand words, it it also important to record historical accounts through written records. Whether it is the story of an afternoon hunt, or the recollection of an evening at the lodge, it is becoming more and more important to document these meaningful moments so that future generations of hunters have an in depth insight into the lives of their fore fathers and mentors.

Regardless of to what extent a club decides to record their history, it is important that the club continues to do so, and that it is kept for the next generation of hunters to be inspired by. I know that I have been inspired many times by the greatness I have seen in the photographs of past hunters.

Photo credit: Dreamstime