5 Basic Tips Every Hunter Should Remember

You have decided to take up hunting. Some of your friends are hunters, you already have a rifle or two, but you’ve never quite gone out there because frankly, you don’t know where to start. Do not worry, we have just the guide for you.

Here is something to get you acquainted with hunting. These are the things an experienced hunter tells you quickly before you must be silenced forever; you’re making your way into the woods now. There could be deer anywhere.

Go in clean

And by clean, I don’t mean zesty, sultry fresh after using your new body wash in the shower. There are a number of scent control soaps and body washes available, but if you’re on a budget, try using a baking soda paste with just baking soda, water, and a bit of oil (refined coconut oil has a neutral smell, or use canola oil, deer love it) or castile soap, which is vegetable based and essentially fragrance-free.

Keep your hunting clothes separate

At home it’s a good idea to either keep your hunting clothes in garbage bags full of dirt and leaves, or mix a little vanilla with water for a homemade odor blocker that doubles as an attractant. Be sure you don’t wash your clothes with scented laundry detergent –  you can get the special kind or again, opt for baking soda.

Pick your feet up

That’s right, the morning shuffle you do before having your coffee will spook the deer before you even make it 10 feet in. Lift your feet, step lightly but not too slowly as deer will be able to tell apart the footsteps of a stalker. Occasionally you can use a call or rattle some antlers (if during the rut) to mask your presence.

Stay silent

Deer have interesting hearing capabilities. If you must speak, use a very low voice, as low as you can manage.  They really can hear almost anything, it is just a matter of fooling them into thinking that the noises you’re making are from a fellow creature. Hence, the above suggestion.

Know your target

Once you’re in the woods, stay calm and quiet; no abrupt movements. When you think you’ve got something, identify your target, make a call sound to freeze a moving target, and aim for the vitals. This is more easily shown on a 3D target, but I would recommend doing a quick Google search to have the general idea of the kill zone.