Are You Reading the Best Hunting Magazines?

Whether you are a dedicated hunter wanting to know every little thing about the latest and greatest in hunting or an occasional hunter looking to learn a couple new things, hunting magazines are essential to your success.

The best hunting magazines will tell you all about new weapons, gadgets, hunting tips and tricks, offer valuable advice on various subjects, help you choose your perfect prey, etc. It’s important to know what makes a good magazine. Here are seven of the best hunting magazines in the field.

Field & Stream

The first on on the list is probably the most famous one among the true lovers of hunting and that’s Field & Stream. Started in 1895, the magazine has a huge collection of extensive articles on deer hunting, but not just that. Following the seasonal changes, the magazine offers a variety of useful texts on hunting different types of birds and bears, as well as covering different methods of fishing like ice-fishing. If you want to step up your game (pun intended), this is the magazine for you.

Outdoor Life

This magazine is also essential to every outdoor lover, as the name might suggest. Similar to Field & Stream, Outdoor Life offers various articles on your favorite hunting options, but with something extra. Namely, it offers hunting adventures for your reading pleasures as well as critical articles targeting those that oppose hunting. So in a way, with this subscription you also pay for the right to have a vocal, influential representative of your favorite activity.

Sports Afield

If you plan on becoming a serious hunter, you must subscribe to the three greatest hunting magazines: Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and of course, Sports Afield. This magazine is reportedly the oldest hunting publication in North America. This fact alone will tell you that their integrity can’t be questioned. You might be disappointed to hear that the magazine only comes out every two months, however, the quality of the articles really makes up for the infrequency.

Deer & Deer Hunting

The next up is Deer & Deer Hunting. Straight to the point, this magazine covers just one area, but quite extensively. By subscribing to this magazine, you will learn all there is to know about deer hunting, the necessary equipment, the hunting methods, possible problems you might come across, herd migrations, seasonal changes, etc. Hunting deer is probably the most popular, but also quite demanding sport. If you want to get into it, the best thing is to be prepared.

Petersen’s Bowhunting

This magazine is for those truly turned to nature. Bowhunting is a beautiful and rewarding skill. There is something primal in it that attracts many men to bowhunting, and yet, many don’t know how. Bowhunting is all about posture, breathing, and developing your innate human hunting instincts. Once you master that, you will conquer nature in the true manner of your ancestors. Petersen’s Bowhunting the magazine will help you on this path, offering a ton of invaluable advice along the way.

Gun Dog

And what good is a hunter without his faithful sidekick? Gun Dog is a magazine fully dedicated to your four-legged companion. It contains advice on how to breed the perfect dog for your hunting needs, how to make him more effective when searching your prey, how to take care of him in the best possible way, build the perfect kennel, etc. You need to show your dog you care about him and Gun Dog will show you just how. Remember, your dog is your only friend in the wild.

Cabela’s Outdoor Journal

Finally, there’s Cabela’s Outdoor Journal, a collection of great stories and pieces of advice from famous outdoor hunters all over the world. Read, relax, and learn something new. These stories will fuel your desire for hunting and inspire you to take on some different approach the next time you’re in the wild. Since Cabela is also a famous hunting equipment manufacturer, inside you can also find a number of great deals on optics for your favorite gun, powerful light sources, knives, hunting bags, and much more. You wouldn’t want to face the game unprepared.

Hunting is a beautiful sport that strengthens one’s connection both with nature and one’s ancestors. To be a great hunter you need to be fast and accurate, but also knowledgeable and always prepared. The right magazines can turn you into an expert at the blink of an eye. The only question is: do you have the tenacity necessary to follow through?

Photo credit: Flickr CC