Country singer song writer Blake Shelton, Ada, Ok., play air guitar before the crowd of his fans during a live performance at the Parade Field on Fort Meade, Md., Sept. 02, 2011. Shelton plays for military service members and their families during his tour to promote his latest album "Red River Blue" off Warner Brothers Records during Labor Day weekend. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Walter Reeves/Released)

10 Best Songs About Hunting

Unless you’re extremely lucky and live in a secluded forest, in order to get to the best hunting places you need to drive for a while, and while we all enjoy hunting, it gets even better when we arrive at the spot all fired up. 

Here are and the 10 best songs about hunting in our opinion that will get you pumped for the hunt:

Blake Shelton – Grandaddy’s Gun

Favorite lyrics: It backed a burglar down when grandma took the safety off

As the name of Shelton’s eighth studio album Based on a True Story implies, this song is deeply emotional and personal for Blake, but a lot of people will find themselves in it too, as it tells a story about that special relation we might have with the person who first taught us about hunting. That’s usually a grandpa, and therefore, his gun really doesn’t have a price tag.

Luke Bryan – Drinkin’ Beer And Wastin’ Bullets

Favorite lyrics: It ain’t my fault them cans keep movin’

Bryan took it upon himself to present the side of hunting that doesn’t get talked about a lot, and he did a damn good job as Drinkin’ Beer And Wastin’ Bullets tells it how it is – even a deer-less day of hunting is a good day. There’s no boss there, no nagging, cans of beer will miraculously move, so going hunting is always a win-win situation.

Josh Turner – Backwoods Boy

Favorite lyrics: You might end up being my supper if you get in the way of my gun

This song came out in 2003 but it has such a classic feel that you might think it was released during the 60’s or 70’s, the only thing that might reveal it was not, is the complexity of the sound. The lyrics are something that all hunters will relate to, and it’s probably the best track to listen to at 5 AM while going out with a rifle.  

Tennessee Ernie Ford – Shotgun Boogie

Favorite lyrics: I’ll be back little gal, when your pappy runs out of shells

We’re going old school with this one as Tennessee Ernie Ford shows that you can make a timeless classic with a plain equation of simple tones and fun lyrics. Not only will this song make you tap your feet uncontrollably, but you also have to appreciate the artistry of not having the same chorus and managing to tell an engaging love story (love for shotguns, of course).

Justin Moore – Backwoods

Favorite lyrics: Preacher’s daughter couldn’t get hotter

The third single from Moore’s debut album was his second Top 10 hit and right from the start it shows what’s it all about as the opening lyrics can be looked as a motto for the majority of people that love the backwoods. The lively beat and a great music video are so awesome that it will even get a city boy pumped about hunting.  

Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson – Openin’ Day

Favorite lyrics: Headed to the stand with my little man and he didn’t make a sound

A seriously sentimental song in the best way possible, Openin’ Day takes you by surprise, as something that seems like a pretty good hunting get transferred in an anthem of all proud fathers. It evokes the memory of guiding your son to his first buck and also getting that first buck when you yourself was a boy on oppenin’ day.

Ted Nugent – Fred Bear

Favorite lyrics: And I’ll join you in the big hunt before too long

Musically, this might just be the best song on the list as Ted Nugent’s talent just can’t be denied. It’s too bad that people who don’t hunt dismiss hunting songs as the guitar riffs are worldly and deserve to be known by everyone, while Nugent’s vocals give a great, spiritual feel to the song, and there’s the great guitar solo of course.

Bananas At Large – Da Turdy Point Buck

Favorite lyrics: Strutted right out of my dreams, he was created by God just for outdoor magazines

One of the reasons we love hunting is the banter that goes with it, and we would be foolish not to include probably the greatest banter song about hunting that is Da Turdy Point Buck by Bananas At Large. It’s more than five minutes of pure comedy that will remind you of the best jokes you heard while scoping for bucks.

Tracy Byrd – Mossy Oak Song

Favorite lyrics: He said, one of these days son, you’ll be grown, remember what i told you and pass it on

The best hunting songs ain’t only about hunting, and Tracy Byrd’s Mossy Oak Song is a beautiful ode to father-son relations and not only that. Byrd does a great job portraying what it really means to be in a family, learning and passing on your customs and values through little and big things together, teaching the significance of land and how it connects generations.

Walt Gabbard – This Ol’ Tree

Favorite lyrics: I feel right at home here ten feet high, reminiscing ’bout the days that passed me by

Every hunter has that special tree where he feels at peace even if he doesn’t see a buck for the whole day, and Walt Gabbard beautifully captured the essence of familiarity with a part of nature and what it can represent. Slow paced, and beautifully sang, This Ol’ tree will make you want to drop anything you’re doing and go to your special spot in the woods.

Which tracks do you consider to be the best songs about hunting?

Photo credit: Flickr