5 Nutty Duck Hunting Ideas That Actually Work

Waterfowl hunters have countless tricks and strategies for attracting ducks to their blinds. Some are smart and others seem downright crazy. Here are five duck hunting ideas that are a bit unusual, but they just might work.


So your favorite lake or pond is frozen over, which means ducks will likely be avoiding your location. What do you do? Try creating your own water – or fake water.

It sounds unusual, but if you do not have water, you can make waterfowl think you do have water. Spread out a large blue tarp or sections of plastic near or on the frozen water. Cut or shape the outline of the plastic to make it look like the shape of open water. Then place decoys around the edge. For an added touch, spray some water on the plastic to give it the glisten of open water.


If your duck decoys are not drawing ducks to your location, try attracting those ducks with geese. Ducks can get wise to the typical decoys spreads and this is a way to give them something different. Ducks are naturally attracted to geese, so when they see your goose decoys, there is a good chance they will come towards you. As an added bonus, you might also attract some geese.


You can increase your odds of attracting ducks to your location by creating a little mud. Ducks flying by may be suspicious if they see clear water around your decoys, because ducks routinely muddy the water. Try walking around in the mud in shallow water to stir things up. Do not be afraid to stomp and kick around to muddy the water.  It is worth a shot if you can attract more ducks.


There is a school of thought in the waterfowl world that believes the shape of a big blind can scare ducks away, because it looks out of place in the landscape.  There may be some truth to this. If you want to put this belief to the test, try going natural, instead of using a blind. Conceal yourself in natural vegetation, along the shore and see if you bring in more ducks. This technique provides the added bonus of allowing you to be more mobile and to move quickly if you desire to change locations.


Another strategy for attracting more ducks is to attach a jerk or dance line to some of your decoys. Connect a handful of decoys to the lines, using fishing swivels, then connect the end of the line to a broomstick. By manipulating the broomstick you can give realistic movement to your decoys.  This provides an opportunity to give a few of your decoys natural look. This small amount of movement can be the little extra you need to bring in more ducks. This tactic is especially effective on still days, when there is no wind to move your decoys.